I Wish I Were There

We have had over 36 inches of snow this winter in NYC. It is cold and slushy and it makes me not want to even leave the apartment. Work is kind of slow and my gypsy blood is boiling. I need to travel, but I’m broke. So I have decided today I will do a bit of retro travel. Where do I want to be?
How about Prague?
An excellent choice.
It is unseasonably warm when I arrive in the Czech Republic. My friend and I check in at our fabulous hotel, The Hotel Europa at the head of Wenceslas Square. This hotel is beautiful with it’s shabby-chic décor that is a memory of days gone by. There are red velvet stair cases and green velvet chaise lounges and the entire building has a warm scent of cigars and brandy from the decadent parties of years ago.
Though I might want to just stay here for my retro journey, it is not my final destination.
We pack some snacks in our gypsy purses and head out on the town. We grab a bite to eat and a pilsner at the first beer garden we see. The meal of potatoes and sausage is delicious and hearty. The beer is refreshing and delightful. We pay our tab and wander to the bank of The River Vltava. From this spot I can see the opera, The building referred to as “Fred and Ginger”, or “The Dancing House”, the clock tower and a sea of terracotta rooftops. Suddenly I notice people in peddle boats and my friend and I scour to find out how to rent one. After crossing one of Prague’s many bridges, we stumble onto a floating office. We pay the dock keeper and we are on are way in Peddle boat on The Vltava.
We go as far as we are allowed and then we sit and float, eat our snacks and let the warm Czech sun welcoming us to this ancient yet thriving city. The Charles bridge, with all of it’s saints, is watching over us and the John Lennon Memorial beckons to us from across the water.
There is so much to see and do and eat and drink that we can’t stay in this boat forever. The sun begins to set and we find our way back to the dock. This is only the beginning of my adventure here in Prague, but what a great way to greet this amazing city.
I wish I were there, in a peddle boat on The Vltava River in Prague.

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