Shameless Plug

Hello Blogger family. Happy Thursday. I know that we are all here for at least one of the same reasons. We love to write, or we have a story to tell and we need a place to tell it, or we need to vent frustration or clear our heads. What ever the reason we write, we know that it is inherent and something we cannot live with out.

I know that my blog is a travel blog, because I love to travel. I also love to write. Yesterday I decided, after years of receiving rejection letters in the mail, to self-publish my first novel, Barbecue, Fried Chicken and “Where’s the Will?” as an ebook, Kindle edition. It took a lot of thought and I finally just decided to make something happen as opposed to waiting for something to happen.

Though this is not a travel novel, but a (strongly based in truth) fiction novel that focuses on family, women, food and surviving anything, I assure you that if you have never been to or lived in the South, it is sure to enlighten you. Every chapter also contains one of my cherished family recipes, all southern comfort food.

I invite you all to check it out and I look forward to your thoughts, though please be gentle, it is a first novel after all 🙂

Barbecue, Fried Chicken and “Where’s the Will?” By Shanna Riker


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