An homage to my youth

Holly Springs Mississippi! 45 minutes in one direction is actual civilization. 45 minutes in the other is the complete and udder middle of nowhere.  Tucked away in Holly Springs as two precious gems, one of which due to recent events may be closing it’s doors forever.
First I give you the most delicious pizza you’ve ever had. I live in New York City and I am surrounded by pizza, however none of it quite compares to Victor’s in Holly Springs. Victor’s Pizza is run by Vietnam Vet Victor, his Vietnamese wife and their four sons. The pizza dough has beer in it and the pitchers are cheap and plentiful.
While attending Blue Mountain College in the middle of nowhere direction from Holly Springs, there was not a lot to do in the extremely dry Tipah County. So occasionally we would pile as many of us that would it in someone’s car and drive to Holly Springs. We would roll the Windows down, sing, and d make cigarettes, even if you didn’t smoke.
Our first stop was Victor’s with the decor of Elvis Photos and Dolly and Daisy Duke in a time and place before restaurants pad a lot of money to be decorated this way. The entertainment was the company of friends, a country filled juke box and the anticipation that at any moment Victor’s tiny spitfire  wife would come out from the kitchen and scream everyone back into submission.  It was the best.
Then when we had finished we would head down the street to Graceland Too.
What is that you might be wondering.
It is a magical land where the laughter never stops and that strange indescribable creepy vibe is always present. A man in Holly Springs, who until yesterday’s news I didn’t even know his name, had turned his entire life into a memorial for Elvis. He would let you in any time of day or night. For $5 he would give you a tour of his eccentric, Elvis clad house, complete with a replica of jail house rock in the v back yard. After three visits, you became a life time member and never had to pay again. This honor included your picture on the wall with the other 200,000 plus members (in 2005). The interior was floor to ceiling Elvis , and he claimed he had more Elvis memorabilia than the actual Graceland.  He claimed that when his wife asked for a divorce she wanted half of his collection or a million dollars. He said he wrote her a check.
He provided hours of entertainment to college students and celebrities alike.
I would like to personally thank Paul Mcleod for opening his home and providing some of the best memories of my Blue Mountain College days.
May you rest in peace Paul, and I hope you finally get to meet The King!!!!!!!


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