10 special souvenirs I have picked up while traveling.

A friendly blog post from my other blog, My Life is Intense.

My Life is inTENse

#1 A tartan hat and scarf in Dundee Scotland

I was 19 and I was on an essentially free trip to Scotland. While I was there I discovered the Sutherlands Tartan Shop which is basically Dundee’s version of any town’s major tourist store. I loved it and I wanted to buy everything.  I did find a tartan hat and scarf that I fell in love with. The tartan pattern I bought was the house of Fraiser. I knew nothing about houses and clans and tartans and at the time I just picked a pattern I liked. However, since then I have read Diana Gabaldon’s book series, Outlander, and I have fallen in love with a man named Jamie Fraiser. Now my tartan hat and scarf means a whole lot more than it did before.

#2 A pearl necklace in Maui, Hawaii

I was living in Hawaii for a year. They have those…

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