A tourist in my own town

I live in New York City. Thousands upon thousands of people save for their entire lives to come to New York City once in a life time. When you live somewhere you often forget that where you live is amazing and people are dying to get there everyday. Even in NYC, a giant, bustling metropolis I forget that this place is great. I get caught in work and life and paying bills that I often overlook the tourist spots that I have access to 24 hours a day. Today I broke that trend. It is 32 degrees outside, though nice and sunny, and my friend and I went to Coney Island to go to the New York Aquarium. We had the best time. The aquarium is not one of the bigger aquariums that I have been to, but it was great. It is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy so the Shark and Jelly fish exhibits were not open, but everything else was. We saw sting rays and tons of beautiful salt water fish. The aquarium even has a program where it breeds species of fish that are now currently extinct in the wild with the plans to eventually return them to their natural habitats.

We met a walrus who we named Sam who was a bit shy, but very entertaining. We met two otters who we named Fred and Ginger and they were so cute I just wanted to bring them home with me. The we saw the sea lion show. It was fantastic. There was Bruiser who is 5 and weighs in at 350 pounds and Osborne who is 14 and weighs in at 450 pounds. Both were very excellent performers and surprisingly limber for weighing what they do. They did tricks and applauded themselves and flips and were very entertaining to watch. While watching the show we even indulged in Dippin Dots sundaes and man they were delicious. After the show we went to see the SpongeBob Great Jelly Rescue in 4D which was included in the $11.95 admission price to the aquarium. It was so much fun and there were a surprising number of people having an aquarium adventure despite the weather being so brisk.

Nathan’s famous hot dogs!

Sam the Walrus

Osborne the Sea Lion.

Lovely Auto Enhanced fish in the aquarium

After the show we wandered down the Coney Island Boardwalk and admired the ocean and the scenery. We headed to Nathan’s famous hot dogs and treated ourselves to a little lunch. A famous hot dog and cheese fries for me. It was a wonderful day to remember that no matter where you live, you should always take some time to be a tourist in your own town. You never know what you might be missing and this way you can make every day a new adventure. I even stopped by the gift shop for a key chain and a shot glass.


One thought on “A tourist in my own town

  1. Looks like an amazing day! I totally agree that you should look at your own town through a tourist’s eyes because when you see things every day, you take them for granted.
    great post 🙂

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