This year I vow to travel, even if I never leave New York

As anyone reading this may know, I love to travel. Last year I went on an amazing, two-week Ireland adventure. I certainly can’t afford that kind of trip every year, and some years I can’t even afford little tiny trips, but I am still burdened with wanderlust, whether my travel funds are low or not. My Gypsy blood starts boiling and then I just can’t continue until I have a new experience, a conversation with a stranger, a food I’ve never tasted before, or something that for a mere moment transports me to a mindset I’ve never been in before.  Even though my travel funds may be low as I jump head first into 2015, I have thought of a few ways that I might be able to at least create the illusion of travel.

This year I will:

Go to a coffee shop in a neighborhood I don’t ever go.

I live in New York City so an outsider would think that I am always surrounded by the newest, latest, hippest coffee shop. That is probably true considering we are the home of the cro-nut and apparently now something called a “bruffin” or something like that. We have amazing coffee shops here, the problem is that I live here, so I have a routine and standard neighborhoods and coffee shops that are near work and home. I rarely go off my own personal beaten path, so this year I will. I will go to Boerum Hill or Chelsea or some other neighborhood and I will drink its coffee and I will watch its people and I will expand my realm.

Go to a restaurant that I have never been to and will probably never be a “regular” at.

In NYC it is a very esteemed status to have become a “regular” at your bar. A tiny place in this vast mayhem of eateries where everybody really does know your name. You become a regular in bar or restaurant and even the customers who aren’t “regulars” know that your needs are simply more important than theirs. However, eventually I begin to feel uncomfortable with my comfortability. I love my status as a “regular” in “my” bar, but this year I am going to branch out. I am going to wander around and find a restaurant that I have never been in. I will not read a review or the menu before I go inside. I will find a restaurant and I will go in and order something off the menu that I have heard of or tried before.

Go to a town in the Hudson Valley and explore…

The Hudson Valley is full of quaint little towns that are full of history and charm. A few of them, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, and Cold Spring, I have had the pleasure of exploring in-depth. However, there are so many more that I haven’t explored yet. This year, I will pick one and take a day trip on the Metro North and go and explore. I Will have lunch, coffee and maybe even dessert. Perhaps I will find an antique store or a tiny little cove of artisans and buy their crafts. I will talk to a local, learn some of the town’s history and return to my Brooklyn abode refreshed and slightly satisfied.

Go to a no cover music venue in the village and listen to a band or artist I’ve never heard before.
I am fairly set in my music ways. I like what I like and I rarely branch out. This year I will take the plunge and force myself to listen to something new. I may hate it, but it may become my new favorite. Roger Clyne will be hard to top, but hey you never know unless you try.

These are just a few ways that I plan to experience the feeling of travel this year. What about you? Will you leave your comfort zone and have a new experience? I’d love to hear about it.


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