Tonight I created a horcrux in the Arctic Circle

I knew it would happen a few times on this journey, I just wasn’t prepared for how it would feel this time. I know that If you know what a horcrux is then you probably associate it with all things negative. When I read the word “horcrux” in those books that have forever left their mark in literature, I thought it was a beautiful power that had simply landed in the wrong hands. The idea of splitting off a fragment of your soul and tucking it away in time and space, a moment or even a person, so that that tiny fragment might live forever is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read and one of the most beautiful thoughts I have ever encountered.  I have the spirit of a traveler and the heart of a hopeless romantic, so I have actually been creating horcruxes since before I knew there was a word for them. Mine have generally been created in places or moments, but there are also a very few people that I have left a piece of my soul with; none of whom I have ever actually dated.
I met a woman in Prague who told me that she had left her heart at the gate to the Fjords of Norway and she had been trying to get back ever since, not to reclaim her heart, but to simply be reconnected with it for a bit. This is how I feel every time I leave a piece of my soul within a moment or a place or a beating heart. I know these moments in time and these corners of the earth and the few beating hearts I have entrusted with this honor will forever hold their sliver safe and protected.
The first horcrux I remember creating was in Dundee, Scotland. Actually I created two there; one inside a place that my moment in time will live forever in and the other in a beating heart who I can only hope thinks of me fondly as often as I do him. My horcrux list has grown significantly over the years. There are three men who will forever protect a miniscule, but not unimportant piece of my soul. One of them might read this and should he, he will know that I am absolutely talking about him. That horcrux was written in the stars. One of them will most definitely read this and believe instantly that I am talking about him, though he’ll never know for certain; but oh he’ll believe it. The third one will most likely read this and will have absolutely no idea that he is currently in possession of a tiny sliver of me. He might think for the tiniest of seconds, “Is she… Could she be talking about me?” but then he will brush it off and wonder why I’ve never mentioned my horcruxes to him before. I also have a friend unlike any other who will also forever protect a tiny sliver of me.
The list of places and moments is actually quite longer than the other because moments in time aren’t aware that they can refuse your affections. They just are and allow you to just be. Tonight I will add The Arctic Circle to a list that includes Scotland; Prague; Sedona, Arizona; New York City; Memphis,TN; The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, Long Beach Island, NJ, Stonehenge, The Giant’s Causeway in Ireland and the Grand Canyon.
I have been sad for the better part of a year and tonight my heart is filled to the brim with joy, prospect, warmth, excitement and positivity. Tonight I stood on Deck 5 of the Hurtigurten Ship under a sky that was filled with the Northern Lights for almost three hours. I took pictures until I thought my ungloved hand might break off and then I just stood there and watched because I know that the pictures will never be as great as it was to be there underneath them. Both of my parents wanted to see the Northern Lights and now I truly believe they have. I stood with two German Women who’s names I never learned and we watched in amazement as we became part of a fortunate group of charmed individuals who have now seen the Northern Lights.
As they got brighter and stronger and actually began to dance, I felt as if the earth were filling me with every single ounce of its positive energy. I felt like I was receiving a gift that so few people receive or realize they are being granted.
While they continued, one of the women managed to ask me why the Northern Lights? Why was I desperate to experience them? To be honest, besides the fact that both of my parents wanted to see them (which I explained to her) and it seemed like the right thing to do; I truly had no idea until I experienced them. In that moment in time I realized that my desperate need to see them, and the reason I planned my the first leg off my Journey in such unadulterated haste, was actually a calling. I was being called here through tiny sounds in the wind and ripples in the seas and whistling in the grass so that I could come and have my cup refilled. In the last four hours, I have not been sad. I have been absorbing the earth’s energy and I only walked away from the majesty of the lights when my cup began to run over. It would not be fair after all, for me to absorb all that the spirit of the lights has to offer.
I am not saying at all that I am healed. I’m not certain that I can ever truly heal, only evolve, but for the first time in a long time, I have been recharged. I’m certain that I will need to be recharged again and again both on this adventure I am currently undertaking and also in everyday life for as long as I shall live it, but right here and now I am full of hope and joy and endless possibility and that is why I will say to everyone: if you get a chance to Chase the Northern Lights, do it. If you are standing underneath them and you can’t get your camera settings right, or someone is texting you, just stop. Look. Experience. Feel. Just be there in The moment.  The post card you buy will inevitably be far better than your picture anyway. Feel the spirits of the earth as the lights fill the sky with their dances.







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